by Ray Bendici
Jan 25, 2013
08:10 AM
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Signs of Connecticut

Signs of Connecticut

So let me apologize for being a little late to the party on this one.

I was going through the piles on my desk when I found a copy of The Signs of Connecticut, released a few months ago by fellow Shelton resident Thomas Fatone. The book showcases the 169 town signs that were created in the 1970s, mostly in honor of the Bicentennial—you know, the big blue-and-white markers that tell the town's history (like in the picture at left), usually located on town greens, although occasionally erected (or deposited) in less-prominent places. It also chronicles Fatone's quest to visit and photograph each one of them, a task that he discovered was more challenging (13 years!) than he expected.

As someone who appreciates state history and who has done his fair share of exploring Connecticut (back in the day with the old "Sunday Drive" column), I enjoyed flipping through this book. Fatone's endearing enthusiasm for the state's history and his quest is evident on each page, and the stories he shares about each of his visits are fun. It's also nice that the pictures of the signs themselves are big enough that all the words are legible. "Perfect for any coffee table," as they say.

If it's any consolation, we can compare me finding book in the mess on my desk to Fatone's long search for the sign for the city of Bridgeport, which eventually was uncovered in an old storage room behind a pile of folding chairs. Although my desk is a bit less dusty. Probably.

You can purchase The Signs of Connecticut at

Signs of Connecticut

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