by Ray Bendici
Feb 11, 2013
05:46 AM
Unsteady Habits

Blizzard Bound


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me save myself about 950 of them by posting this picture of my mailbox that I took on Sunday:

Yeah, it's that rectangular black thing in the middle left of the picture. The wide ribbon of almost 3-foot-deep snow to the right is my street.

I know many of you out there are in similar situations. They say misery loves company but I'm not sure I feel any better knowing that there are still so many stuck in their homes 48 hours after the last flakes have fallen.

The good news is that with warmer temps and rain, the roads should be cleared out, so we should be able to get around sooner rather than later and before any of us have to decide which family members might be need to be sacrificed to feed the rest—particularly reassuring in my case as it seems my wife and children have suggested that the "oldest and fattest" should go first.

Well, at least they all agree on something for once.

Blizzard Bound

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