Mar 7, 2013
09:06 AM
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Dunkin' Do Nots


By now, many of you have heard about the incident at a West Haven Dunkin' Donuts earlier this week when a man tried to crawl in through the drivethru window to rob the store, only to rebuffed by a pot full of hot coffee to the face from a quick-thinking clerk. Bonus points: According to the NBC 30 report, after fending off the robbery attempt, the clerk says she called after him, "Go run on Dunkin'." Somewhere, Arnold Schwarzenegger is smiling—"Come back for the decaf ..."

A more troubling story emerged this morning from New Britain, where a man who had earlier been escorted from the premises of a Dunkin' Donuts later returned wielding an ax, and then proceded to smash up the place. Fortunately, after a brief confrontation with police, he was tasered and subdued without injury to any of the store's patrons or employees.

Of course, the obvious question is: When the heck did Dunkin' Donuts start offering heaping cups of crazy to go?

Then again, the question may be, "What are they putting in the coffee?"

As I love/am addicted to caffeine as much as the next person—if not more—I'm hesitant to put the blame on it for these recent incidents. Although I couldn't find an exact number, there appears to be about 170 Dunkin' Donuts across Connecticut, so with so many locations, it's really more of a matter of coincidence than anything else that both these incidents happened in the same week.

Still, even thought it was in different cities, weird that the same chain was involved in two unusual stories. The conspiracy theorists might suggest that all this chaos at Dunkin' Donuts might be traced to who might benefit the most: Starbucks.

Have the coffee wars escalated?

Dunkin' Do Nots

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