by Charles A. Monagan
Sep 7, 2011
02:30 PM
On Connecticut

Rising Water


So as I watched my sons get on their respective buses to head back to school over the past few days, I once again had to lament the unofficial passing of summer. (The calendar says fall doesn't begin until September 23, and that's what I'm desperately clinging to!) And although I do acknowledge that time is going by faster as I get older, this summer seemed particularly shorter than others in recent memory. Why?

A quick look around at the extensive and ongoing flooding in the wake of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/General Nuisance Irene reminds me that it's been a very wet year, even before the last few weeks. I remember that after we got pounded with snow in January, we also had a wet spring with a lot of rain. That extended rainy season stopped it from generally feeling summery until almost July, a big part in making the summer seem shorter.

Not to go all weather geek, but I did a quick check of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's site to see just how much rain we've gotten this year—and not surprisingly, it's a lot. Since January 1, Connecticut has "enjoyed" 45.30 inches of precipitation through September 6, which is 14.39 inches more than normal and nearly 20 inches more than last year.

Duh, right? Obviously a ride anywhere around the state could've demonstrated that—rivers, lakes and reservoirs are all at capacity, if not overflowing or flooding. I guess looking up the exact numbers is like touching a bruise: You know it hurts, but you're still compelled to do it for some reason.

It'd be great if Mother Nature was compelled to give us a little more sunshine.

Rising Water

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