by Charles A. Monagan
Sep 21, 2011
12:06 PM
On Connecticut

Real World, Stupid World


One good reason why the U.S. can't seem to win anything these days, from a war to a U.S. Open tennis championship - this press release from MTV regarding their new series "The Real World: San Diego." It's not so much Ashley who is the problem (she's from Winsted, by the way), it's more the people who will actually sit down and watch her.

"At 24-years-old, Ashley has never lived with anyone but her mother---so rooming with six strangers may take some getting used to.  Though she will be the oldest in the house, she is the baby at home, getting calls from her mother twenty times a day and still not knowing how to do laundry.  But washer-dryer issues aside, Ashley is ambitious and has dreams of getting out of her small Connecticut hometown.  A recent graduate of UCONN, the blonde-haired beauty has worked as a promotional model and bartender, but sports is her first love and she hopes one day to do sideline reporting for the NFL.  She likes her men big, tall, and athletic---and though she doesn’t date much, when she decides someone is up to her standards, she goes for them 100%.  So Zach, 6’3” professional football player---get ready."

Real World, Stupid World

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