by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 26, 2012
07:14 AM
On Connecticut

McMahon Fatigue. Again.


I remember thinking two years ago that if Linda McMahon had unveiled a secondary strategy for the stretch run of her campaign, she might have given Richard Blumenthal a much better go for his money.

But she didn't. She kept banging away with the same negative attacks, and voters eventually grew tired of that. By the time Election Day rolled around, lots of them just wanted her to go away.

Same thing this time. She has spent a ton of money. Her image and her message are everywhere. But it's been the exact same message since the beginning of the campaign. The result: McMahon Fatigue among the people of Connecticut, and fading numbers in the polls (and thanks to for this link).

With all the money at her disposal, it should have been possible to come up with some fresh material for the final weeks, something that would make us look at her in a different light (while still not forgetting her main message). She also could have opened up to the media and used their power in ways she left untouched. If she and her handlers were more sophisticated they would have realized that most men and women in the press are not out to get her. They want to talk to her, ask her questions, engage with the campaign. Certainly there would have been some bumps along the way, but, once again, keeping McMahon tight-lipped and defensive has not served her well.

Chris Murphy is not an especially formidable foe. He is a career politician, one of those guys who at age 22 was the campaign manager in a congressional race and who has remained in the game ever since. As part of the culture of governance in this country, he is unlikely ever to think seriously about reducing the costs of government or its role in our lives.

That's something McMahon has said she would do, and of course it's been her main message to voters. But with 10 days to go, that one-note message has grown stale and tiresome. We'll see how she fares, but she may well wish she'd had more arrows in her quiver.

McMahon Fatigue. Again.

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