by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 27, 2011
08:47 AM
On Connecticut

The Valley Takes Exception

The Valley Takes Exception

As usual, our "Rating the Towns" survey has upset a few municipalities.

This time, the Valley Independent Sentinel took exception with the rankings and quickly defended its home turf with this article: "Connecticut Magazine Kicks The Valley in The Shins."

From the article:

A magazine for hot-tubbing rich folk says the Valley is an unenlightened place, existing in a state of intellectual, moral or social darkness.

Actually, list-crazy Connecticut Magazine called us “benighted,” but we’re poor and dumb Valley residents who had to look up the word in a dictionary.

Darn you Connecticut Magazine for employing so many English majors!

As you would hope, many passionate residents were quick to rally around The Valley, launching a barrage of comments at us, via Facebook, our e-mail and both the websites of the Valley Indy and Connecticut Magazine. There were also questions regarding how we come up with our rankings, which you can read here.

Connecticut Magazine's editor-in-chief Charley Monagan responded:

I should probably point out, as the editor of Connecticut Magazine, as the person who recalled that word “benighted” from a high school vocab test (or maybe from an old Jethro Tull album), that I am a lifelong resident of the Valley myself. Born in Waterbury, raised there, live there still. I feel like I know it back and forth, up and down, inside out, and it it as disheartening to me as to anyone that these towns finish near the bottom of our survey every year. But as I said, jobs are the answer to a lot of local ills and I hope the state focuses its efforts here. In the meantime, there are lots of way to react to not-great news like this. I like the way you did it, and the people who responded did it. Here’s the way some people in Bethany responded. Hope you enjoy it. And I hope we can continue the dialogue.

The Valley Takes Exception

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