by Charles A. Monagan
Nov 12, 2012
11:52 AM
On Connecticut

Ghosts in the Woods


The latest word on mountain lions in Connecticut brings to light a group in Waterbury that apparently has dedicated itself to finding evidence of the big cat here.

It's a story that's been around for a while. Years ago, Connecticut Magazine ran a story on the subject, written by freelancer Brigitte Ruthman. It was an excellent story and it engendered an extraordinary amount of feedback, mostly from people who'd claimed to have seen a mountain lion here in the state. Here is a link to the feedback and the story itself.

Funny to see how the DEEP is the bad guy in all this, refusing to concede there are native lions in Connecticut despite tons of inconclusive proof to the contrary. They probably don't believe in ghosts or UFOs, either.

Ghosts in the Woods

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