by Charles A. Monagan
Jun 4, 2012
07:43 AM
On Connecticut

The Pulpit Bully


Journal Inquirer Editor Chris Powell has felt the bullying anger of the Linda McMahon juggernaut after raising questions about what he believes to be the pornographic nature of the Stamford business she used to run - known chiefly for its WWF wrestling extravaganzas. Powell was threatened with a libel suit, and he responded, as any good journalist would, with another column laying out several of the specific sins he thinks the WWF has committed against decency, good taste, and especially against the minds of children and the childlike, who are and always have been pro wrestling's biggest fans.  

I had something to say on this subject way back when, before McMahon announced her first senate run against Richard Blumenthal, but was trying to pad her resume by serving on the state education board (of all things!). I don't begrudge her, and her husband's, huge success in building an enormous business entity out of pandering to the impressionable. In that, she shares much in common with Connecticut legend Phineas T. Barnum, who also found running for public office irresistable. What I really don't like is McMahon's seeming denial about the business she was in, and the awful, degrading images it spread around the world. She has been trying to pull a curtain between her campaign and her past for three years now and it's just not hiding very much. She needs to have it out with the voters, to acknowledge the nature of the business she was in (and which her husband and family still run) and to frankly address the problems that many of us have with it. 

And in the meantime, if Chris Powell ever needs a defense team made up of his peers (which I'm sure he won't), he can always find one of them right here.

The Pulpit Bully

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