by Charles A. Monagan
Jul 15, 2011
09:45 AM
On Connecticut

Summer Weekend: The Hawaiian Shirt


One distressing fashion trend of recent years (among many) has been the emergence of the tasteful, tucked-in Hawaiian shirt.

When I think of these shirts, and how they should be worn, they aren't tucked in, they're billowing. And they're not being worn by a fine-boned Ralph Lauren blond, but rather by Ernest Borgnine, Rodney Dangerfield, Homer Simpson or some other overweight avatar of South Seas chic - sweaty, shirttails out, drink in one hand, flyswatter in the other, ready for a fistfight or a heart attack, whichever comes first.

The real charm of Hawaiian shirts is just how shockingly tasteless they can be: Palm trees are okay, parrots are better, snakes, elephants and zebras are best. Shirts with skylines and cars on them are very good, too.

I once owned a predominantly blue and yellow shirt on the back of which was a couple standing on a terrace overlooking a tropical garden. The man had blue hair, yet he seemed to be getting somewhere with the woman. God, that was a great shirt! It made you feel really ready for a summer weekend.

Summer Weekend: The Hawaiian Shirt

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