by Charles A. Monagan
Dec 20, 2011
08:11 AM
On Connecticut

Valley Benighted? Relatively Speaking, No


In our "Rating the Towns" write-up in November, we referred to the Naugatuck Valley as a "benighted" region because of its habitually low scores in the categories, such as crime, education, jobs and culture, we use to rate the towns.

Viewing recent events in North Korea offers a far better example of what it means to be benighted (not to mention beat up and brainwashed).

By those admittedly very low standards, it becomes obvious that no area in our generally prosperous, well-adjusted, civilized state of Connecticut deserves to be called benighted.

So in the spirit of the season, and in recognition of what is right and just, we take it back.

Maybe someone can offer a better word?

Valley Benighted? Relatively Speaking, No

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