by Patricia Grandjean
Sep 9, 2011
12:06 PM
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On Being Paul Simon's wife . . .

On Being Paul Simon's wife . . .

rufus/Wikimedia Commons

The real Edie Brickell.

If New Canaan's Paul Simon isn't the Connecticut celebrity who's had the biggest news profile in 2011, I'd like to know who is. (Seriously, I'd like to know. Who am I overlooking?) Accolades continue to pile in for his ongoing live tour to support his latest album, So Beautiful or So What. Word has it that Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost) hopes to have his new doc on Simon—specifically, the singer-songwriter's return to South Africa in observance of the 25th anniversary of his landmark 1986 album Graceland—ready in time to premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. And I'm still hoping for definitive word of a Simon & Garfunkel reunion tour: Too many carrots have been dangled to think it won't happen.

I have lots of warm fuzzy feelings for Simon, not just because he's a consistently brilliant musician, but because he's one of our few local celebrities—and by "celebrity," I mean somebody who all of the proletariat knows well—who's never coy or evasive about where he lives. Apparently, neither is his wife, Edie Brickell . . . at least, she's not coy or evasive about what she drives. Or so suggests this rather odd entry from Tracey Beckerman's blog "Lost in Suburbia," which appeared on the Norwich Bulletin website this week.

I like Beckerman's charming style, and goodness knows I love me some "brush with celebrity" stories—even, I blush to admit, the borderline stalkerish ones. And certainly, it could all be true. But to me, this one smacks a little of the "Seinfeld" episode in which George Costanza thought he'd bought a used car formerly owned by actor Jon Voight until Jerry pointed out that the previous owner actually spelled his name "John." Just because someone tells you they're Edie Brickell, how is that proof? I mean, Beckerman even says she "can't be 100% sure"—based on her appearance—that the woman in question was the real Edie.

Then there's the cryptic photo of the SUV windshield. Why didn't Beckerman take a photo of Brickell and post that, too? After all, you can't swing a virtual dead cat without hitting a couple of dozen sites where people have posted their personal snapshots of the stars they bump into. It's hard to imagine that Brickell, who's had her own professional singing career separate from Simon's, would be shy about having her picture taken. That way, those of us who think we know what she looks like could decide for ourselves if Beckerman was fooled. 

I won't even get into the question of why any car would bear a "Paul Simon" nametag. But this gives me an idea: I think I'll park my car in downtown New Haven—my city—this weekend, and stick a piece of paper with "Brad Pitt" written on it under the windshield wipers. One of my cherished fantasies has long been to have someone actually mistake me for Angelina Jolie. Now that would be a remarkable story.

On Being Paul Simon's wife . . .

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