by Patricia Grandjean
Oct 6, 2011
10:20 AM
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Connecticut Horror Story


Okay, up front disclosure: The pilot episode of FX's highly touted "American Horror Story" is sitting on my DVR, waiting to be watched—ideally one night this weekend, very late, and with all the lights out. It 'tis the Halloween season, after all!

I have only seen the previews and have half-peeked at reviews (no spoilers!), but I know it's got a pretty good pedigree, coming from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, creators of "Glee" and "Nip/Tuck." From what I've seen, it's drawn mixed reviews, getting points for creativity and impact, supposedly alternating between being over-the-top campy and horrifically scary (right in my wheelhouse!). It sounds infinitely more interesting than "Generic Network Unfunny Sitcom" or "Vapid Reality Show," both available on multiple channels near you.

Still, I don't need to see the episode to know that two of the actors in major roles have Connecticut connections. First is Dylan McDermott, favored son of Waterbury, who (naturally) plays Ben Harmon, a psychiatrist and the family patriarch around whom the series revolves. You know McDermott as "handsome leading man" from "The Practice," "Dark Blue" and mutliple movies.

The second is Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays a the younger version of the Harmon's housekeeper Moira—the older version of the character is portrayed by Frances Conroy. "Alex" grew up in Darien before moving to California to pursue her acting career. We interviewed her a few years back when she was just starting a role in the short-lived sitcom "The Ex-List," and before she landed a recurring role on the popular vampire series "True Blood." I'm not quite sure of the role, but from the previews and pictures, it appears "attractive seductress" might have something to do with it.

"American Horror Story" also stars Connie Britton, Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare, Taissa Farminga, Jessica Lange—a quality cast, from what I can see. Hopefully the show will turn out to be half as entertaining as the forces behind it are creative.

Connecticut Horror Story

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