by Patricia Grandjean
Nov 1, 2011
01:30 PM
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Big East to World: Screw You


With this latest story about its expansion/realignment plans, it's become pretty clear the Big East athletic conference, home to the University of Connecticut, has completely lost its way.

In fact, with the addition of Boise State and Air Force to its football league, and SMU, Houston and Central Florida to its all-sports plans, the Big East is giving a pretty big "Screw you!" to three fairly important considerations:

"Screw You" to the Environment. This is a subject area much beloved on college campuses, but now the Big East is turning its carbon footprint into what amounts to a massive oil spill. Teams from the east, such as UConn, Rutgers, St. John's and Georgetown, for instance, will constantly be jetting around the country to play games - to Texas, Florida, Colorado and Idaho - and all the  western teams have to travel east in turn. The original Big East concept of a sensible, reasonably stress-free Northeast league has gone completely out the window.

"Screw You" to Classes. There is no way that these college students won't be losing more and more time in the classroom as they travel all around the country. You may think this is no big deal for the football and basketball teams, but what about all those midweek games for volleyball, baseball, softball, field hockey and the like? Hey, UConn professors - what have you got to say about this?

"Screw You" to the Fans. The idea of following a favored team on the road has always been a highlight of college sports. The new league makes this an expensive, impractical nightmare for the average fan, and especially for students, who will no longer be much of a presence at away games out west or down south. But who needs actual fans when you've got TV revenues?

Big East to World: Screw You

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