by Patricia Grandjean
May 1, 2013
11:09 AM
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Front Row Q&A: John Hodgman


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We can help you with that. I just had a couple of other quick things I wanted to ask: It seems that you haven't been on "The Daily Show" as frequently in recent times . . .

Well, I'm still on the show about once a month, but it is true that in the first couple of years I was on every three weeks. The thing is that the show lives and breathes . . . particularly during election cycles there's a little less time for me to come in with out-of-left-field analyses of historic presidential dog-racing or the other fake stuff that I would do, because when election season is upon us, that's "The Daily Show"'s bread and butter. I think the strength of the show is that it's guided by ideas and the news of the day—and first and foremost, what's the funniest idea any given day. I'm proud to be part of a show that would put that first, rather than my schedule.

I also wanted to ask about your mustache: I've heard some very divided opinions about it, and I was wondering if you get that kind of feedback, too.

No, in my life it's 100 percent everyone hates it. Except for my wife, who claims to not hate it, but I think it might have hypnotized her because of her proximity to it. In the same way it hypnotized me, because now I'm terrified of shaving it off. I grew the mustache as a funny—I had grown one 10 years before and kind of thought it was hilarious. So I decided to try it again, and I hate to say this because it's such a hackneyed joke . . . but it has grown on me. The more that people say it looks terrible or looks like a fake mustache or makes me look like a young Wilfred Brimley, the more I double down out of pure spite. It could go away tomorrow if a role came up that called for a non-weird -looking dude without a pitch-black mustache and sandy brown hair. That's the thing that's unnerving even to me when I see pictures of myself: In certain lighting, it's so clearly a different color than my hair. So others don't enjoy it as much. But they don't live on my upper lip; they can't control me. Only my mustache can. It may be that my computer brain is hidden by my mustache. We'll find out.

One of John Hodgman's classic appearances on "The Daily Show," from 2007:

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And in case you thought he must be making it up:

Front Row Q&A: John Hodgman

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