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Nov 23, 2013
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Love 'Real' Wine? Discover Angelini's Italian Gems; Top Prosecco for the Holidays

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“If you bring in boutique items it goes against the grain of the industry,” says Paul, and in the case of Angelini, that’s a good thing; so good that Angelini ranks among the trusted names in the wine importing business where simply seeing the name on a label makes it smart to buy the wine.

To learn more, see the Angelini website, which also tells you where to buy the wines.

An Effervescent Way to Open the Thanksgiving Festivities,

And an 89-Point White to Mix Into the Recipe

A recent wine of the week on the Angelini blog, and one flagged as a great way to open the Thanksgiving festivities, is the Carpenè Malvoti Prosecco di Conegliano DOCG.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in the same tradition as champagne. While many Proseccos from Italy arrive in America as bubbly to enjoy on a bargain budget, Carpenè Malvoti Prosecco di Conegliano is something else entirely—it’s deep, rich, layered with flavors, nutty and complex.

One sip of this lets you know that, while light, approachable and as flirty as a sparkling wine should be, it’s also a wine of substance—and one you’ll that will challenge any plans to have just a glass and move onto to something heartier.

Angelini covers that attribute and others in its blog post:

“The popularity of Italian Prosecco has been on a steady up rise over the last decade. It really isn’t surprising that the soft bubbles and refreshing taste of this sparkling wine is a hit with so many. As always, we pride ourselves with working with the “best in class” and Carpenè Malvotti is no exception. You see, the Carpenè family were the first company to submit quality Prosecco to the sparkling process, making Carpenè Malvolti  a leader in this field both in Italy and abroad.

“The Carpenè Malvoti Prosecco di Conegliano DOCG has a dry, delicate pear fruit and apple taste, followed with a full, pleasant finish. Prosecco is a food-friendly sparkling wine option. Perfect for a Thanksgiving Day hostess gift, to toast with an aperitif, or to enjoy throughout your meal, it’s any easy choice at a suggested retail of $18.99 for this top Italian Prosecco.”

Meanwhile, another white wine that’s a perfect accompaniment to the social settings of the holidays is the Palagetto Vernaccia di San Gimignano that’s imported by Angelini.

For a listing of locations where Angelini Wine Selections are sold, click here.

The Angelini Family’s Italian Winemaking Tradition

Angelini Wine Imports is a company steeped in Italian heritage, which is covered in detail on its website, a section of which is excerpted here:

“Owners Julius and Paul Angelini spent their childhood years in the farming village of San Lorenzo in Campo, within the Marche region of Italy. The family’s third generation, 200-acre farm land featurres with 8 specialized acres devoted to vineyards of Sangiovese, Vernaccia & Merlot.”

The Angelini team “makes frequent trips to Italy where they have personal relationships with each producer and visit the vineyards and tour the wine cellars. The partners search continuously for authentic, high quality wines from around the world including; Italy, Argentina, Germany, and California; as well as sake and plum wines from Japan.”

The Angelini Estate, Azienda Agricola Angelini, “ is nestled approximately 1,000 feet above sea level in the small farming village of San Lorenzo in Campo, within the Marche region of Italy. Azienda Agricola is another word for estate which denotes the wine is made only from grapes grown here. …”

“Our estate wines are cared for primarily employing organic intervention methods. We utilize larger barrels and employ longer aging processes which help to retain the distinct terroir character of the wines we make. Our goal is to produce serious wines for the most demanding consumer.

“The Angelini Estate has beautiful olive trees scattered about the property as well as pastures of radiant sunflowers, flowering alfalfa and fields of wheat. Our farm is located on the beautiful rolling hills of the Marche region and only 16 miles from sea, on a clear day visitors can spot a view of the Adriatic from the vineyard. The farm is proudly and meticulously maintained by a local personal caretaker throughout the year.

As the Azienda Agricola Angelini continues to evolve, studies are taking place to refurbish the existing farmhouse building on the estate for future leisure and travel accommodations.”

Love 'Real' Wine? Discover Angelini's Italian Gems; Top Prosecco for the Holidays

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