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Nov 22, 2013
08:35 AM
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CTbites: Tacos Done Right at 'Practically Posh' Casa Villa in Stamford

CTbites: Tacos Done Right at 'Practically Posh' Casa Villa in Stamford
Taco: noun [tä-kō] 
A flour tortilla wrapped around a variety of proteins and often garnished with cilantro, as prepared traditionally with endless regional Mexican iterations. Add condiments such as cheese and you’re veering into Tex Mex territory. Compare them to the ubiquitious chain with the cute canine spokesperson, and consider yourself kicked out of the will. Best when served from a Mexican grandmother’s kitchen, a truck in Los Angeles or Stamford, CT.  
There are many who take their tacos seriously. And for the unfortunate few of them who live in Connecticut, at times it can feel like a futile culinary pursuit. The new Casa Villa in Stamford erases many of those painful memories with a new and practically posh incarnation at 622 East Main Street, in the space formerly occupied by Myrna’s.
In early 2011, owner Alvino Villa expanded his operation east, retaining the original west side space with its rabid following as predominantly a take-out spot. The menu and food appear nearly identical in both establishments, but the ample space, full service and exceptionally friendly waitstaff, threw me off my game. When it comes to tacos, I tend to prefer eat while standing, stuffing my face in the privacy of my car or while walking and leaving a trail of debris. This kind of elbow room and service at the new Casa Villa is a luxury one could get used to.
As I found my way to the list of tacos on the menu, I gave brief pause at the ensaladas, appetizers, the traditional soups and the fajitas (a Casa Villa specialty) but I stayed focused. My mission was tacos. So I suggest you do what I did. Grab yourself a horchata (a rice milk drink with cinnamon) or Jarritos and start ordering.
CTbites: Tacos Done Right at 'Practically Posh' Casa Villa in Stamford

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