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Aug 30, 2013
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Nodine's Smokehouse's Legendary Meats Aren't the Only Must-Haves at Goshen Shop

Nodine's Smokehouse's Legendary Meats Aren't the Only Must-Haves at Goshen Shop

Walter Kidd/Litchfield County Times

The ingredients for Nodine's Smokehouse's potato salad.

Editor’s note: The retail shop of the Connecticut specialty foods gem Nodine’s Smokehouse is located at 39 North Street in rural Goshen in Litchfield County, just a bit north of where the Goshen Fair will be taking place over this Labor Day Weekend—and it will be open for two blocks of time that coincide with primetime for the fair, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Why does that matter? Read on:

When I looked at my calendar recently, I realized that it has been more than a year and a half since I started Peggy’s #1 Pick column for The Litchfield County Times’ monthly LCT magazine.

The first “Pick” remains one of my favorites—the huge, homemade, chocolate chip cookies from Nodine’s Smokehouse. I was surprised to discover them there, nestled under a counter over which passes thousands of pounds of sausage, various types of bacon, sliced ham, jerky and the like each year.

I had been surprised to discover that they were (and are still) made with all-natural ingredients by Nodine’s store manager, Noell Wabrek. Stopping in recently for a few of them at the Nodine’s retail store on Route 63 in Goshen, behind the original white family farmhouse, I discovered that the only thing about them that has changed is their price which has “skyrocketed” from $1 to $1.50 each, making them more of a great bargain than a super bargain. 

But that is not the only thing I discovered that day. Noell had just finished making that day’s batch of fresh potato salad and, as she explained that, as with the cookies, it is made with an old Nodine’s recipe handed down to her. 

“It is in the book,” she said. “The book” has the ingredients, and the proportions are just right for the all-natural ingredients: Red Bliss potatoes, which she boils (but does not over boil) with the skins on then and cubes; Nodine’s applewood-smoked bacon, which she boils, lets cool, dices and browns in the oven; lots of chopped dill, chopped celery, chopped red onion, sour cream and mayonnaise—but no salt or pepper.

Every cuisine has its own version of potato salad, many without mayonnaise, some with vinegar, hard-boiled eggs, even cooked green peas or cubed cooked carrots, or diced sweet pickles. To me, Nodine’s version of potato salad is more sophisticated than an everyday deli-style salad, which usually has no dill or bacon and far too much mayonnaise.

And, it has a taste that pairs so well with any summer picnic or barbecue fare. Serve it and you will have a happy, satisfied, group. Noell makes this salad several times a week.

And one more thing, the price; at $5 a pound it is a real winner. 

Nodine’s is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. The phone number is (860) 491-4009 and the website is

This is a modified version of the Peggy’s #1 Pick story that appears in the September issue of LCT magazine, published by The Litchfield County Times.


Nodine's Smokehouse's Legendary Meats Aren't the Only Must-Haves at Goshen Shop

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