May 16, 2014
07:05 AM
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A Holistic Take on Skincare, Nutrition and Wellness in Old Lyme

A Holistic Take on Skincare, Nutrition and Wellness in Old Lyme

Melanie Stengel/New Haven Register

Lucky for Rosemary Barclay, as a new mother, her personal and professional lives unexpectedly crossed paths 23 years ago.

She had just given birth to her first child and had developed a skin rash for which her doctor prescribed a steroid, but Barclay desired a more holistic approach to treating her skin condition.

Alternatively, she created a salve combining the natural power of coconut oil and calming herbs. To her delight, her home remedy relieved her suffering skin, and thus became the foundation of her future skin care line.

Originally from England and now living in Old Lyme, Barclay holds a Bachelor’s degree and Ph.D in biochemistry and is a board-certified nutrition specialist and esthetician.

After 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a clinical project manager, Barclay opened the doors of Bonne Sante in 2007, melding her scientific background with her passion for simple, natural skincare. Located on a quiet side street in Old Lyme just above the banks of the Connecticut River, this peaceful retreat serves as a wellness center offering facials, massage and individual and group nutritional counseling.

In fact, when Barclay discovered the space it was merely a shell.

“It was a real passion for me to design the layout, choose the decor and colors. I wanted to create a real haven for my busy clients.”

While Bonne Sante, which in French means “good health,” offers spa staples such as facials and massages, pampering beauty treatments are not the sole focus of her company. Educating clients about better care for themselves is the cornerstone of Barclay’s burgeoning business, and she concentrates on good health and wellness because she believes in nurturing yourself from within.

According to Barclay, diet plays an important role in targeting various health issues plaguing clients searching for guidance. With her combined expertise in the fields of science, nutrition and skincare, Barclay can speak to conditions directly relating to dietary choices.

“When people come for nutrition, I do a full analysis of their diet. We work one-on-one and ask them what their goals are. I tend to focus more on the health, but obviously weight loss happens in concert.”

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A Holistic Take on Skincare, Nutrition and Wellness in Old Lyme

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