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Ed and Lorraine Warren of "The Conjuring" Have a Long History of Paranormal Investigation in Connecticut

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On the other side of the spirit world Warren has investigated a demon possession. (Lorraine, a clairvoyant, does not get involved in these.) In possession cases a person will first become obsessed and eventually possessed by evil forces. Warren explains that possession usually occurs among people who have an unnatural liking of supernatural subjects, although a mean or wicked person can attract evil forces through his personality.

For example, Warren explains, some persons will develop an interest in the subjestand then read books. Some become so intrigues, they’ll play with a Ouija Board, try automatic writing or look for a spirit to come to them. Some may go so far as to delve into ceremonies.

Warren cautions against this because it gives recognition without protection.

Leslie, a 19-year-old student attending college in Hartford, is one of the Warren’s best arguments for this point. The daughter of a well-to-do New York family, she came to him after inexplicable fits of depression and anger. She admitted she has called upon the devils and demons to help her win the love of a boy back home. She promised her “soul” to the devil if she could have the boy. She got the boy and “Satan” was on his way to claim her “soul” when she asked Warren to intervene.

A similar possession case involves a girl of 18, who practices human vampirism near Thomaston. In an interview with Warren she admitted having a taste for blood and said she had bitten 16 persons.

Her interest in the occult began with a fascination for morbidity and death. Then she began practicing Satanic rituals and acquired a blood lust. Soon she found herself waiting outside cemeteries and dark places soliciting the attention of young men. Alone with them and when the time was right, she would bite. The bites were never serious but were enough for her to satisfy her craving for blood.

In Willimantic the Warrens investigated a theatre where a number of strange apparitions were seen. The manager, a man of 32 who had only recently begun working there, said he saw the figure of a woman late one night as he closed the theatre. The woman moved off the stage and downstairs to some dressing rooms where she disappeared.

The manager, described as very rational by the Warrens, saw the same figure the next night. This time is was transparent and wore a belt of gold. Rattled, the manager confided in an employee of several years. The employee said that from the balcony one night he had seen two actors in a Shakespearean dress. One of them fell, exclaiming, “They’ve killed me . . .” All three then disappeared. A janitor related that he heard footsteps and saw white hazes in the theatre.

The Warrens conducted a seance in the theatre. “The girl whom the manager had seen came to us and explained she had been murdered after she witnessed the killing of a man,” Warren explained. The spirit said she knew she was dead, but she was afraid to “pass over to death” because “they were waiting” for her. The medium called upon spirit guides to help the girl but she refused.

In the seance the medium related the location of the spirit’s body and that of the murdered man, buried beneath a now-cemented floor in the theatre. The manager and a friend went to the police with the information but were received with no satisfaction, Warren said.

To the best of Warren's information, the girl’s spirit is still earthbound and remains in the theatre. The manager has since become obsessed with her presence and often plays the piano for her at night.

The Warrens hope their work will serve two goals. One is to warn of the dangers, the other is to bring about an understanding of the supernatural that will enable the public to cope with its phenomena.


Ed and Lorraine Warren of "The Conjuring" Have a Long History of Paranormal Investigation in Connecticut

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