Jul 23, 2013
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The Connecticut Story

Ed and Lorraine Warren of "The Conjuring" Have a Long History of Paranormal Investigation in Connecticut

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In the months that followed other members of the family reported strange occurrence: a guitar that strummed itself and a typewriter that needed no one to ring its bell. A neighbor’s child staying at the house reported seeing a “whitish glob.”

A series of strange urgings followed as the family completed renovations of the 19th-Century structure. Repainting the interior, they found the colors they had chosen were those of the original wall several layers deep. Rebuilding the fireplace Mrs. Antonelli has a compulsion to dig to the ground beneath an outbuilding. She found the original bricks which dated back before the existing modified hearth.

Digging for the foundation of a patio, they found one beneath it. After cutting a path through the brush behind the house they learned there has been a path in the same place years before. As they laid out a stone wall, they discovered one long lost beneath it.  

A seance conducted by the Warrens, with a local minister serving as a medium, unfolded the history behind the haunting. A young girl who became pregnant by a neighbor. Her parents would not allow her to marry him, so the child was born illegitimate. The parents and the girl never loved the child.

One day, beating the baby, the girl inadvertently killed it. It was winter and a grave could not be dug so the body was placed in the attic, and later buried in the cellar. The father of the baby came looking for it and was killed by the man of the house. Because of the turmoil, the spirits remained earthbound.

A newspaper, The Day of New London, sent a reporter and a photographer to investigate the reports of the Antonelli house. Norman R. Soderberg, a veteran journalist, listened intently to Mrs. Antonelli’s story. As one point he swears he saw a door latch move back and forth. The longer he stayed in the house the stranger he felt. “As if I was in another dimension,” he remarked.

The photographer, John Urwiller, was kneeling to take a picture when a piece of lumber stuck him across the back. It has been leaning against a wall and should have fallen to the left of right if disturbed, not straight at him.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” Urwiller said last month, when asked about the experience. “But this thing went up hill to get me.”

Ed and Lorraine Warren of "The Conjuring" Have a Long History of Paranormal Investigation in Connecticut

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