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The Connecticut Story

Ed and Lorraine Warren of "The Conjuring" Have a Long History of Paranormal Investigation in Connecticut

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Even if it’s only deja vu (the sensation of being somewhere or doing something before). Or precognition and dreams. Others have found terrifying proof of the occult. Some have been driven to destruction by it.

And, points out Warren, it is nothing for amateurs. One case he offers for this point is the story of a 13-year-old girl who was playing with a Ouija Board and asked for proof of spirit presence.

“She got this proof with two days and two nights of hell,” he said. Her proof began with a manifestation of an animal form walking on her bed. Then came brutal hands which bruised most of her body. It was only her mother’s presence of mind, explained Warren, that saved the girl from serious harm. The mother prayed by the girl’s side and sprinkled holy water throughout the two-day vigil.

Warren’s first exposure to the world of the occult was at the age of five when his family moved into a haunted home on the east side of Bridgeport. His  father, a devout Catholic and state police officer, refused to acknowledge the presence of the ghosts even though each member of the family witnessed some form of paranormal activity.

In later years Warren was confronted with religious questions he could not answer and began to pursue the secrets of the supernatural. Hid full commitment began with his marriage to Lorraine after World War II.

In recent years the coupe has dedicated their lives to that study. The price of their interest has been paid by the torment and curses of demons and a toll of strange accidents. But together the Warrens work for the day when belief in the supernatural will be as commonplace as sitting down to dinner with friends.

Not all the cases they investigate turn out to be valid (Warren estimates only one out of 20 are true); but through the experience of more than 2,000 reports, they have amassed a knowledge which will represent parts of a book on New England hauntings to be published soon. Warren credits much of his knowledge and interest to people like Nicholas Chapar of Bridgeport, who helped him during the early years of investigative work.

The Warrens stand ready to help--at no cost--any persons who feel they may have a paranormal activity going on around them. “We can be reached through Post Office Box 41, Monroe,” Warren said.

One of the most authentic and interesting cases investigated by the Warrens was that in the Francis W. Antonelli home in East Haddam. At first only Mrs. Antonelli was bothered by a spirit presence, but as time passed other members of the family and visitors--among them a reporter and photographer from a newspaper--experienced the supernatural.

An apparition first appeared to Mrs. Antonelli on Feb. 2, 1966. The family has retired for the night. The rest of the family was asleep and Mrs. Antonelli was about to doze off when she had a funny feeling.

“I thought something’s there,” Mrs. Antonelli related years later. Opening her eyes she saw a mass of gray mist with four distinct appendages. It was bright and looked as if it were in a bubble.

She turned on a light and the figure disappeared. She got up to look for the source of the reflection but never found one. Quite shaken she returned to bed. She sat there with her glasses on and the lights out. Minutes later the apparition reappeared. This time it took a different route to the bottom of the four-poster bed.. Suddenly it turned andappeared to go in the direction of the hall and the rooms in which her children slept.

Alarmed for her children and believing it was a ghost, she screamed her faith in God. Affirming that faith she closed her eyes tightly and went to sleep. For the next year Mrs. Antonelli lived with the experience and a scoffing husband. But a year later he stopped laughing.

Mr. Antonelli has returned home from his job in New London about 4:15 one afternoon. The rest of the family was away at the time. Suddenly he heard an ungodly scream. Looking up the stairway in the direction of the sound he found the stairs appear as if they continued into infinity. Rattled, he sat down and consumed quantities of coffee and cigarettes.

Calm again he decided to finish the installation of a heater in a remodeled attic room. He laid a hammer on the floor where he worked, about seven to 10 feet away from the top of the stairs. Suddenly the hammer went flying down the stairs. Antonelli retrieved it and laid it down again. This time is flew over his left shoulder. When the family returned they found him white-faced and with two cigarettes in his mouth.

Ed and Lorraine Warren of "The Conjuring" Have a Long History of Paranormal Investigation in Connecticut

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