Nov 22, 2013
10:13 AM
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Gov. Malloy Says Connecticut will Reject Obama's Health Care Fix

Gov. Malloy Says Connecticut will Reject Obama's Health Care Fix

Connecticut became the eighth state in the nation to reject President Barack Obama’s fix to the Affordable Health Care Act that would permit insurance plans canceled under the law to be re-instated in the marketplace.

“Residents of my state are frustrated about this situation and so am I. The truth is that the solution offered last week won’t work for Connecticut,” Malloy said in a statement Friday.

Connecticut has set up its own insurance exchange where eligible residents can purchase healthcare plans. Malloy said Obama’s fix would not affect the policies being canceled in the state. On Nov. 14, Obama had announced a fix to the law that would permit insurance holders to keep plans through 2014 that were previously being canceled by insurance companies.

State Sen. Minority Leader and gubernatorial candidate John McKinney last week called on Malloy to convene a special session of the General Assembly. McKinney said because of the way Connecticut’s law was written, the CGA would need to change laws to ensure that residents didn’t lose their healthcare—and it was not a fix that could be fixed by Malloy.

Malloy argued against that opinion in his statement Friday.

“To those who think we should have a special session because there’s some magical way for us to fix the issue, I say you’re wrong. First, this option would not affect a full 36 percent of individual policies that were carried over from before March 23, 2010. Second, of the remaining group that could be potentially impacted, insurers have told the state that they do not plan to continue those policies already slated to be replaced, even if given the option to do so. Finally, even if they changed their minds and decided to renew them, we know that rates on those plans would increase significantly this year, and again next year."

Data distributed by Malloy’s administration shows that there are 66,437 individual policies in the state, which represent 108,287 members. In that group, 42 percent or 27,876, have been renewed and 38,561 will not be continued into 2014. Thirty-six percent of those not keeping plans would not have been impacted by Obama’s proposed fix and therefore. Malloy believes that it doesn’t help enough Connecticut residents. 

“We’re going to work with people, walk them through their options, and get them covered either on the exchange or with a private plan that makes sense for their needs," said Malloy in his statement. "The simple truth is that Connecticut didn’t create this particular problem, but we aren’t going to pass the buck either. We’re going to step up and do everything we can to get people covered, and continue working toward our goal of good, affordable health insurance for every Connecticut resident.”



Gov. Malloy Says Connecticut will Reject Obama's Health Care Fix

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