Jun 26, 2013
10:40 AM
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While You Were Sleeping: Texas Dems Filibuster Until the End

While You Were Sleeping: Texas Dems Filibuster Until the End

Eric Gay/AP

Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, reacts after she was called for a rules violation during her filibusters of an abortion bill, Tuesday, June 25, 2013, in Austin, Texas. Davis was given a second warning for breaking filibuster rules.

Over 130,000 people were glued to a live stream of the Texas legislature Tuesday night as the Democratic minority defeated a bill regarding abortion.

Championing the effort was Sen. Wendy Davis, who was thrust into the national spotlight wearing her running sneakers and effectively halting a vote on the bill for 13 hours.

Who is Wendy Davis? This USA Today story shows Davis has been a fighter all her life.

Davis stood, wearing running sneakers, on the floor of the Senate to filibuster a bill. Here’s the NY Times take on what the bill would have done.

Throughout the evening Republicans tried to end the filibuster. Here are the rules for a filibuster in Texas.

The end of the session descended into chaos as Republicans said the bill had been passed with a roll call vote before the end of the session, though Democrats and reporters said it had not. A detailed timeline of the chaos is documented here, by the Texas Observer.

Media outlets took screen shots of the state’s legislative website showing the date the vote was taken was after the midnight deadline—but it was soon changed to show the vote taken prior to midnight. The confusion lasted for a while as members caucused, but in the end it was declared that the vote had not been taken and the bill failed.

While You Were Sleeping: Texas Dems Filibuster Until the End

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