Jun 22, 2013
08:31 PM
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New Study Ranks Connecticut as the Best State

New Study Ranks Connecticut as the Best State

Screenshot of Measure of America map.

This map published by Measure of America ranks states according to their HD Index.

Do you brag about living in the best state in America?

According to a recent study, you have every right to.

Connecticut ranks as the best state according to the American Human Development Index, which ranks states not just according to wealth, but rather whether residents can live a long and healthy life, have access to knowledge and a decent standard of living.

The study itself was shared all over the Nutmeg state this week via an article in the online magazine, Slatebut published in a publication of Measure of America this week. 

Connecticut ranks as number one in the study, followed by Massachusetts, New Jersey, the District of Columbia and Maryland. 

So how exactly did this study rank Connecticut as number one? 

The study rates states according to their human development index, and define human development as "what people can do and be...the process of improving people’s well-being and expanding their freedoms and opportunities."

Some highlights of the study:

- Though Connecticut has nearly the same Gross Domestic Product values at Wyoming, due to higher levels of education which turns into higher salaries the state's residents can expect to live longer than those in Wyoming by two and a half years. The study says Connecticut residents are 50 percent more likely to have a bachelor's degree and therefore earn about $7,000 more. 

- Connecticut wasn't number one in all categories. Residents in the state saw a $1,500 decline in earnings since the last index, the study says, but had "uniformly good outcomes" in all the three index areas. 

- Connecticut earned a 6.17 on the HD index. The life expectancy at birth is 80.8 years, 11.4 percent have education less than high school, 35.5 percent of residents have at least a bachelor's degree, 15.3 percent have a graduate degree, 81.9 percent school enrollment rate, and the median earnings as of 2010 were $35,926.

- In 2010 Connecticut ranked as the best state in the country for the entire population with an HD index of 5.90, though it ranked sixth for African-Americans, fifth for Asian-Americans, eleventh for Latinos and second for whites.


New Study Ranks Connecticut as the Best State

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