by Jennifer Swift
Feb 23, 2014
06:01 AM
Connecticut Politics

Reports: FBI Investigating House Republicans Relationship with Direct Mail Company

The Chief of Staff for House Republicans George Gallo resigned abruptly Thursday, admitting he was a person of interest in a federal probe into Republican legislators using the services of a direct mail company in Florida, multiple media outlets reported. The FBI appears to be investigating whether candidates were steered to use the firm Direct Mail Systems, and if there were any kickbacks.

In a statement, House minority leader Larry Cafero, R-Norwalk, said he and other lawmakers were cooperating fully with the investigation.

Here’s what has been reported so far:

-          Kevin Rennie’s Daily Ructions Blog first broke news of the FBI investigation and subpoena of republican leaders. Gallo apparently resigned later that day.

-          CT News Junkie Reports Republican leaders have spent nearly $2 million with Direct Mail Systems since 2008.

-          Connecticut Post reports that about $26,000 was returned for House Republicans for “overpayments.”

-          Gallo was head of the Republican Party from 2005 to 2007 and operates Vinco Group.

-          Federal agents met with general assembly leaders at noon in the legislative office building, according to the Connecticut Post.

-          At least four FBI agents were set up inside a room in the House Republican’s suite, the Hartford Courant reports, and members of the house Republican office, house republican campaign committee and general assembly’s office of legislative management were subpoenas.

Reports: FBI Investigating House Republicans Relationship with Direct Mail Company

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