Jul 30, 2013
09:27 AM
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Greenwich Photographer's Painterly Aerial Work Shines in Lakeville Gallery

Greenwich Photographer's Painterly Aerial Work Shines in Lakeville Gallery

Fran Gormley on location in northern Ethiopia.

Stop by The White Gallery in the very Northwest Corner of Connecticut and be prepared to be halted straightaway in your tracks. With “Palette Earth: Ethiopia + Iceland,” the gallery in Lakeville is showcasing abstract aerial photographs taken by Fran Gormley, but viewers may well be hard pressed to determine where.

That’s a good thing.

Although the Greenwich resident chooses her locations after great consideration, her photographs are not intended to be regarded strictly as landscapes. And although she takes great pains to capture and maintain the integrity of their natural colorations and formations, she strives for more—to strike a deeper chord and, hopefully, prompt continued resonance.

“Many people are interested in where it was and what it is when they look at a photograph of mine. That’s not the point. Yes, what I want to capture is in nature, but for me, the photograph is a creative place where it’s all about me—it’s not about the location but what I create from experiencing an environment. It’s intuitive. And what’s important to me is what it evokes in you—does it speak to your soul, is it a piece of your heart?”

“I know that there is important aerial photography done, but I think my work is unique. I’m interested in blurring the lines between painting and photography and fascinated by that dreamlike point where reality becomes abstraction.”

Her photographs have indeed a painterly quality.

“I’ve been told, why don’t you paint, but I think, why can’t I be an artist who paints with photography?” Ms. Gormley said.

Although she took a lot of pictures over the years it wasn’t until about a dozen years ago that Ms. Gormley undertook serious study, at the International Center of Photography in New York, the Toscana Photographic Workshop in Italy and with several professional photographers.

See the full story from the August issue of LCT magazine.


Greenwich Photographer's Painterly Aerial Work Shines in Lakeville Gallery

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