Aug 15, 2013
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Rwanda and Actress Connie Britton's Hair? Literary Weave Buoys Connecticut Travel Writer

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If you had to recommend three places everyone should travel to, what would they be?

The Grand Canyon—there’s nowhere that compares to it in the world. I haven’t been everywhere, but for me, the best is right here at home. It’s transcendent. Everybody should experience Paris for a long period of time. It is the most magical city in the world: wide open space, such beauty, history, the river flowing through it, and so many of the greatest cultural landmarks in the world. And something more exotic … Machu Picchu. That’s pretty close to a place everyone should see. It really connects you with a very different layer of humankind. There’s such ingenuity there. It’s really a testament to man’s genius.

Where are some places you’ve never been that you’d like to go?

I’m trying to go to Mozambique this fall. I’d like to spend a little time in India. I’d like to make a story for myself on chocolate production  in West Africa, the Ivory Coast. I may go back to Haiti.

How many times have you been to Haiti?

I’ve been to Haiti twice, first to do a story right after the earthquake. I was there for a week. It was devastating. Talk about the resilience of the human spirit. The utter degradation of the refugee camps, people living under scraps of fabric. I find it very hard to see those things. I don’t know that I’d go see them if I weren’t doing a story. It doesn’t seem right.

Where are some other places you’ve seen similar poverty?

A lot of places. South Africa, Senegal. Haiti was by far the worst; there’s no infrastructure even. There is hardship everywhere. And that’s very hard to see and then say, “Ok, off we go.”

That’s certainly another important part of traveling.

Yeah. Perspective.

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Rwanda and Actress Connie Britton's Hair? Literary Weave Buoys Connecticut Travel Writer

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