Feb 4, 2014
07:01 PM
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NRCC Says Esty to Blame for Projected Obamacare Job 'Loss'

NRCC Says Esty to Blame for Projected Obamacare Job 'Loss'

The National Republican Congressional Committee targeted Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-5, in its latest email blast, putting her up as someone to shoulder the blame if people find themselves out of work as a result of Obamacare.

The email blast came on the heels of a report from the Congressional Budget Office that shows the Affordable Care Act is projected to reduce the number hours worked by employees to the equivalent of over 2 million full-time workers through 2021.

Reports vary about whether the report reflects that millions of people will be out of work-- or if people will voluntarily choose to stop working as many hours because they will receive healthcare as a result of the law, and won't need to work to afford it or be eligible for it. 

According to Forbes: "In its new budget outlook, CBO very clearly states that Obamacare amounts to an implicit tax on work and workers that will reduce employment by as much as 2.5 million jobs over the next ten years."

According to the Washington Post: "More than 2 million Americans who would otherwise rely on a job for health insurance will quit working, reduce their hours or stop looking for employment because of new health benefits available under the Affordable Care Act, congressional budget analysts said Tuesday."

“These workers can thank Elizabeth Esty, who has continued to stick by ObamaCare, even though it is hurting families in her district. If Elizabeth Esty was committed to job creation and economic growth, she would renounce support for the failed law and work towards its repeal,” the email says.

Esty has been hit hard by Republicans and Mark Greenberg who is shaping up to be Esty’s main concern in her bid for re-election this election season.

Greenberg released a web advertisement last month that criticizes Esty’s support of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“Even though Obamacare is a disaster and thousands of people in Connecticut are suffering with dropped policies, spiking premiums and reduced coverage, Elizabeth Esty voted against repealing it and is following through on her her campaign pledge to fight for it 'with every breath she has,' "Greenberg said in the ad, quoting Esty. "She is wrong to single-mindedly fight for a program that is hurting individuals, families and businesses."


While Esty has loudly supported the Affordable Health Care Act, she’s also broken party rank to vote on amendments to the law.

After voting for an amendment to the law, Esty released a statement which said in part, "I am committed to supporting legislative action to help address the problems facing my constituents and to ensure that the Affordable Care Act works well for people in my district.” 

Greenberg campaign manager Bill Evans said Greenberg wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with “common sense legislation” that will “lower cost and increases access to healthcare” which “will happen when voters in CT and across America express their displeasure in November with DC politicians like Congresswoman Esty, who on a partisan line supported Obamacare.”


*This article was updated to clarify information released by the CBO and include a previous statement from Esty. 

NRCC Says Esty to Blame for Projected Obamacare Job 'Loss'

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